Healthcare Facility Appraisal

Welcome. This site is for healthcare facilities to complete their facility questionnaire. This questionnaire is part of your facility’s appraisal for rate setting purposes through the WV DHHR BMS.

Completion of this questionnaire assists in the timely and accurate development of your facility’s appraisal.

The questionnaire should only take 15 – 20 minutes, if you have all the requested documentation handy. Before you begin the questionnaire, try to locate the following documentation:

  1. Prior OHC Appraisal (2020 – 2022)
  2. Prior Southwestern Appraisal (2019 or Earlier)
  3. A list of equipment and personal property (this can normally be found on your facility’s balance sheet, depreciation schedules, or other asset tracking ledgers)
  4. A list of improvements / upgrades to your facility (this can normally be found within your accounting system under capital improvements or on depreciation schedules)
  5. Floorplans, if available (this is an important part of the checklist, so please try to find a quality set of floorplans)

The questionnaire allows you to upload this information.

Note: Do not upload or provide any confidential information that would violate HIPAA. We are not resposnible for your compliance with HIPAA.

If you prefer, you can download the form to your computer and complete it using Adobe PDF or by hand.

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Downloadable Questionnaire

If you prefer, you may download the questionnaire and email it to us.

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