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uspap appraisal review


Real estate appraisal review services designed for attorneys in a litigation setting.

What Is An Appraisal Review?

An appraisal review, as defined by USPAP, is the act or process of developing and communicating an opinion about the quality of another appraiser’s work (i.e., a report, part of a report, a workfile, or some combination of these).

An appraisal review answers the question, “Has this appraisal produced credible assignment results?” In laymen’s terms, “Is this appraisal reliable?”

“The reviewer must have the knowledge and experience needed to identify and perform the scope of work necessary to produce credible assignment results. Aspects of competency for an appraisal review, depending on the review assignment’s scope of work, may include, without limitation, familiarity with the specific type of property or asset, market, geographic area, analytic method, and applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.” [USPAP Standard Rule 3-1(a)].

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Why Choose Me?

Simply put, I know USPAP like the backs of my hands. You won’t find someone who loves appraisal theory more than I do. I am a book worm. I am a stickler for the rules. See if I don’t check all of your boxes.  


national coverage

My appraisal review service covers all 50 contiguous States.



I am a Certified General Appraiser.



In most cases, I can deliver my appraisal review report within 48 hours.




My appraisal review template is the most detailed I’ve seen. I look at more than 100 details of a report.

Three Reasons to Order an Appraisal Review

1. for an assessment of reliability

Many users of externally prepared appraisal review reports are smaller financial institutions who do not have staff members trained and qualified in appraisal review. Financial institutions have a host of regulatory guidelines in addition to USPAP. Don’t run the risk of relying on appraisal reports without external reviews.

2. to improve your own report

Yes, even an appraiser can benefit from having his/her own report reviewed. It is so easy for an appraiser to become complacent. When was the last time you compared your standard appraisal report with USPAP? You may be shocked to see what needs changed in your standard report. 

3. to qualify a potential appraiser

All appraisers are not made equal. A mere license does not demonstrate an appraiser’s competency. If you are thinking of using an appraiser, let me review his/her work first.